What is Battle Scars?

Battle Scars is a charity based in Devon and Cornwall, that supports those who are living with self harm, as well as educating those who work with young people.

Battle Scars provides support and counselling to help people to recover from self harm, as well as providing support to friends and family to help others to recover from self harm however they might do so.

Battle Scars is a completely free, confidential service, helping people to understand self harm, providing coping mechanisms for when people are feeling like self harming and helping to dispel the stigma around the behavior.

Who is Battle Scars for?

Battle scars provides support to anyone who is currently dealing with, or has lived with self harm. If you or someone you know is self harming, Battle Scars can help!

In one form or another (cutting, burning, over eating, over drinking, self starvation and other dangerous behaviors) it is estimated that at any one time, one in every twenty people within the UK self harm. You are not alone in your behavior and we are here to help you.

How can Battle Scars help me?

Battle Scars was formed with one main goal, to provide support to those living with self harm, whether they are the self harmer or they know someone who is a self harmer. Battle scars is here to listen and offer practical help to overcome the addiction.

Battle Scars will also provide training to schools and youth groups on how to recognise self-harm warning signs, how to cope with urges to self-harm and who you can go to for support.

Why was Battle Scars formed?

Battle Scars was formed to provide support to people and those around who are living with self harm addictions. The charity has been founded and run by those who understand self harm most. Those who do self harm, or those who have self harmed in the past.