Calm bottle/ Glitter bottle

The glitter bottle or calm bottle is a great coping machanism that you can try and it is a fun little project too.

The aim of the glitter bottle is to shake the bottle whenever you feel the urge to self-harm and then tell yourself that you will not act upon the urge to self-harm until all of the glitter has settled back to the bottom of the bottle. Simply watch the glitter as it swirls and dances around the bottle and you might find that the urge to self-harm decreases.

They are really easy to make, all you need is:

  • 1 bottle or jar, that is transparent
  • some water
  • some glitter
  • some glitter glue (clear glue works just as well, you might want to add a bit more glitter)

The video on how to make this is down below. (Credit: Itzel FloresTV)


  1. Take your bottle and fill it with warm/ hot water leaving yourself some space. (Do not use boiling water for this)
  2. Add your glue to the water and stir/shake until all of the glue has mixed in with the water.
  3. Time to add the glitter to the bottle, add whatever colour you like and don’t be afraid to use multiple colours.
  4. Stir/ shake the bottle so that all of the glitter goes into the water/glue mixture.
  5. Seal and you are good to go!