Ice dive

This method is very similar to the ice cube method, and should be used when using ice cubes to reduce your cravings has not worked.

It works on the same idea of initating the dive response as outlined in the ice cube method but goes one step further to initiate a more intense shock to the body, immediately slowing your heart rate and your thought processes.

You need a bucket or a washing up bowl for this mechanism, or you could simply use your bathroom sink!

Fill your container with cold water straight from the tap and add ice into the water so that you get it as cold as possible. You then take a deep breath and submerge your face in the cold water for 10 to 15 seconds.

This activates your bodies dive response to it’s fullest extent and should immediately reduce your cravings to self harm. However if you are currently feeling suicidal, please get someone to supervise you whilst you do this method. They could be a family member or a friend that you trust.