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Alone she sits, feeling like she is not understood. . She wants help, she needs support and she is screaming inside. Why does no one understand me? Why do they look at my arm and judge me? She is only 13 but has more scars than people who have seen war. She fights the battle in her own head each and every day, the thoughts racing and telling her that she should hurt herself.

They get too much and she finds her box. She opens it up and takes out her razor. She starts to cut. Turning silver to red as the tears stream from her eyes. She sees the blood rolling down her arm and she feels the relief. It was like everytime that she had cut before but this time, the blood won’t stop. She cut in the wrong place this time and she starts to panic. She calls for help but no-one hears her. She is getting tired now and her life begins to fade to black as she thinks “who could have saved me”. Another life was lost. Another light extinguished. Another family destroyed forever.

This is the reality of self harm and people battle everyday with the struggle to suppress their urges. You can help by making a donation of £10 to help Battle Scars support adults and young people who are living with this reality before it is too late.

Please click on the following link to find out the story behind our founder and make a donation to help us to provide the vital services to those who are living with self harm in South Devon: