Pillows are wonderful things, they provide you with support while you sleep but they can also provide you with great comfort in a time of crisis. You can hug or cuddle your pillow when you need to be comforted. But when you are angry or frustrated and you need some release try the following:

Hitting your pillow

It may sound strange but if you have built up anger and frustration, hit your pillow to vent your build up emotions. Your pillow is soft and hitting it will allow you to express your feelings without causing yourself any injury.

Scream into your pillow

When your feelings are building and building, you might find it useful to scream to let out all of your frustrations and anger. If you don’t want anyone to know how you are feeling, or if you don’t want people to hear you scream, try screaming into a pillow. It reduces the noise of your scream whilst allowing you to get all of that anger and frustration out of your system.